Esto opinan nuestros pacientes

  • Nancy Simpson
    Well Olivia, we made it home and Michael is on the mend.  Kaiser said the surgery was just fine (as we already knew that of course).  Michael is putting weight on that leg now and I know will be fine. I wanted to take this opportunity to give praise to Luis.  There is no way I can explain to you how much his presence meant to the 3 of us. This being the worst experience of my life, was made tolerable by Luis.  He not only helped Michael but he was there for Caprice and I as well.  We have no way to thank him.  He was so modest, he was thanking us for trusting in him.  So typical of the kind of man he is. Luis will be in our hearts for the rest of our lives.  We told him if he is ever anywhere near California, we will come and meet him.  That is how important he has become to each of us. I will say everyone in the hospital was so kind to us.  It made everything so much easier.  I have yet to stop talking about all of you and the wonderful care we received at Galenia.  We feel blessed that Michael was transferred there and that Luis and Dr. Avila were available to us. It was a pleasure getting a chance to meet you briefly as we did.  When I read what you wrote to Michael the very next day, it made me cry.  How kind each of you were to us. I just cannot find the words to thank all of you.  Luis is a treasure.  I told him I wished my daughter could find a man like him and I mean it!! So Olivia, thank you again for everything.  Michel means everything to me and you all treated him like he meant something to you as well.  What a gift you all have. The best to you. Nancy
    Nancy Simpson
  • Carlos Arthur Russell

    I'm extremely pleased with the service given at the hospital. Being from another country and coming here scared with no one around; the hospital given was extremely helpful as everyone made me feal as if I have familiy nearby. Everyone here expressed extreme professional and love of wich I will be always be grateful. Olivia and Ricardo you are such excellent people; I feel as if I forever have you as friends. To all nurses, Dr. Marinee and every else who added to our confort; I would really like to thank. Special thanks to nurse Magali; I look for to having you as my nurse on my return trip. You are the best. This hospital will definitely be reccommended by me to everyone. Dr. Marinee has given me and my family back home all the confidence to face this battle before us. I am really grateful for this, thanks again to everyone.

    Carlos Arthur Russell
  • Sabrina Paredes

    Le escribo para felicitar al hospital y todo su equipo por el excelente trabajo que realizan juntos! Desde el momento en que llegué, la limpieza del lugar, el personal de recepción era muy amable y servicial, la persona que tomó mi presión, médico Dra. Mendes fue muy útil, muy preocupada por mí, por mi salud independiente de mi lengua y mi país, y al enfermero José Carlos, muy atento, servicial, amable, me habló me dejó tranquila.

    Todos ustedes hizo una diferencia para mejorar mi salud, nunca se olvida cómo me trataron bien por todos ustedes! Son personas y lugares para que marcan la diferencia en este mundo tan difícil!

    ¡¡¡Muchas gracias!!!

    Sabrina Paredes
  • Justin, Maik and Sandra Damm

    Justin and I had a very good Flight and an Ambulance bringed us at first to the Hospital in our City. The Doctor in the Hospital only checked Justin and then we go home.

    Everybody here said that the surgery you do is perfect. And I prefer that the surgery in one year is making by yourself, but unfortunately is this to expensive. I hope that the doctors in Germany make this also good.

    If somebody asks me to choose a hospital to deliver a baby I recommend only Galenia. To be honest, like many people I think, I contacted not only this hospital to compare, I contacted about 5 hospitals besides Galenia, but noone hospital gave me so full information. Communication with hospitals was finished after just 1 or 2 my additional questions...

    We will never forget you and are eternally grateful with you. in my opinion you are the best doctor.

    Finally I hope you can understand my letter and my bad english.

    Best regards

    Justin, Maik and Sandra Damm
  • Anna Pavlikova

    I'm very happy that I had baby delivery in this hospital and first of all I would like to say million thanks to this team of professionals who works in this hospital. Firstly l contacted Manager of Medical Tourism Olivia Laviada and I got all information about delivery of the baby in this hospital, then I had a lot, lot of questions because according to Russian screenings during my pregnancy, my baby could have problems after birth. Still being in Russia I sent all documents from Russian doctors, she transmited these documents to the Ginecologist, Pediatrician, so when I came to Mexico to the appointments to the Doctors, they already knew me and my situation. None question wasn't without answer, I needed a Neurologist for the baby, ultrasonic diagnostic, tamiz and Olivia Laviada gave me all information about all these researches. All was done quickly and in full. I can't still imagine when she found time to answer all my questions, I understand I'm not alone with all my problems, I can imagine she have many clients like me but again any question, any problem, any help - Olivia always answered, resolved and always helped me. Really big-big thanks to you, Olivia. I'm really glad that I met you and let me wish you only the best in your life and career!!!

    Anna Pavlikova